ATC CNC Stone Machining Center for Stone Fabrication

ATC Stone CNC Machine Center for Sale

  • ATC stone cnc machine center makes stone fabrication much more easier and efficient;
  • Servo motor driving, automatic tool changing, dust proofs;
  • Durable, Solid, In budget, Low cost;
  • Easy operating & programming, numerical control;
  • 2023 new designs and improvements;
  • Quick links: Stone Cutting CNC Bridge Saw, Stone CNC Router;
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ATC CNC and its Alternative: Multi-head CNC

  • ATC CNC & Multi-head are two kinds of multi-tool manging solutions;
  • ATC system is capable of managing 4/6/8/12/16/24 pieces tools;
  • 2-head for 2 tools, 3-head for 3 tools, the max number of heads is 4;
  • Multi-head is considered as an economical alternative of ATC when the number of often used tools is no more than 4;
  • ATC CNC is more powerful & expensive than multi-head CNC;
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ATC System, Brings Labor Freedom

  • ATC system picks up tool according to program code;
  • It brings time saving & hands freedom for stone cnc machine operation;
  • Automatic tool changing system can manage 6/8/12/16/24 pieces of tools;
  • A video of linear automatic tool changer for your reference;
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Stone CNC Machine Center Videos

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Stone CNC Machine Center for Granite Marble Slab Processing

Stone CNC Machine Center is multi-functional for epoxy granite marble fabrication, the main processing includes Slab Cutting, Stone Carving, Granite Polishing, Edge Chamfering, Hole Drilling, etc.


Items Details
X,Y axis travel Follow your projects
Z axis travel 500mm, 400mm, etc.
Spindle type Water cooling ATC spindle
Tool magazine 12pcs tool magazines
Driving system Servo driver and motor
Machine structure Heavy duty body with quenching treatment
Work table Stone special working table
Transmission X,Y axis: helical rack and pinion
Z axis: high precision ball screw
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication system
Tool calibration Autotool sensor calibration
Compatible software Artcam / Aspire, etc
Command language G Code & M Code
Working accuracy ±0.03mm


Tool sensor Automatic tool sensor
Limit switch OMRON limit switch

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