ATC 5 Axis CNC Router for Accurate Working

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  • ATC 5 axis cnc router makes precise cuts and shapes much more easier and efficient;
  • Material: Wood, stone, plastic, foam, soft metal, composite materials, etc.;
  • Industry: Woodworking, furniture making, mold making, stone working, 3d wood / eps / styrofoam models props fabrication, etc.;
  • Motion parts: Servo motor driving, automatic tool changing;
  • Reliable cuts, engraves, drills, carves, mills all in one;
  • Durable, Solid, In budget, Low cost;
  • Easy operating & programming, numerical control;
  • 2023 new designs and improvements;
  • Best 4 Axis 3D CNC Wood Carving Machine. Click on this link
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Demas 5 Axis Head Of 5 Axis Cnc Router

Demas 5 Axis Head, Better Precise Shaping

  • L-shaped Demas 5 axis head is one of the main motion parts of atc 5 axis cnc router;
  • It has a compact structure, performs smooth and high-speed rotation;
  • Adopt Japanese absolute value bus servo motors & low backlash RV reducers;
  • Being suitable for soft material fabrication, such as drilling, milling and cutting of wood, acrylic, aluminum, copper, stone, foam, etc.;
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ATC System, Brings Labor Freedom

  • ATC system brings hands freedom for 5 axis cnc router operation;
  • Carousel tool changer can manage 8/12/16/24 pieces tools;
  • Global brand HSK tool holder with collets;
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5 Axis CNC Router Machine Applications


Item Attribution
Working area According to your projects
Voltage AC380-450V/50-60HZ/3P
Control system SYNTEC/DMS controller
Tool magazine Carousel tool change  
Spindle 10KW SACCARDO / Germany Dmass 5 axis spindle
Inverter 11KW/15KW Delta inverter
Servo motor 1.3KW/2KW YASKAWA
Linear guide PMI#35 for Y axis, PMI#30 for X and Z axis;
Taiwan #45
Tool Sensor Automatic Tool Sensor

5 Axis CNC Router Machine Videos

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FAQs about 5 Axis CNC Router

Q: What materials can I carve with a 5 axis CNC router?

A: A 5 axis CNC router can carve various materials such as wood, plastics, composites, foam, aluminum, and other metals, increasing productivity and reducing production time.

Q: How accurate are 5 axis CNC routers?

A: Otomic 5 Axis CNC Working accuracy ±0.03mm;

The accuracy of a 5 axis CNC router depends on several factors such as machine design, calibration process, tool quality and wear level. However, most models offer sub-millimeter precision for intricate designs.

Q: Can I use any CAD/CAM software with a 5 axis CNC router?

A: Otomic 5 Axis CNC Compatible software: Powermill, UG, etc;

Not all CAD/CAM software is compatible with all machines. It's essential to check if the software you want to use supports your machine's G-code format or post-processor configuration.

Q: Do I need special training to operate a 5 axis CNC router?

A: Otomic CNC offers training;

Operating a 5 axis CNC router requires specific skills and knowledge about machining processes such as toolpath programming, workholding techniques, cutting parameters optimization among others. Training programs are available online or through Otomic CNC.

Q: How much does a 5 axis CNC router cost?

A: The cost of a 5 axis CNC router varies depending on its size, features, and brand. Entry-level models can start at $50,000, while industrial-grade machines can go up to $200,000 or $500,000 more.

Q: Can I customize the function and table size of a 5 axis CNC router?

A: Yes, and contact us with your requirements.


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