4-Axis CNC Routers for Efficient Complex Shaping

4 Axis CNC Router + ATC + Rotary Lathe
  • Accurate & multi-functional cuts and shapes become much easier and efficient;
  • 4 Axis cnc is much more universal than 3 axis cnc, lower budget than 5 axis cnc;
  • 2024 New designs and improvements, experience supplier ensures quality;
  • Reliable for cutting, engraving, carving, drilling, and milling all in one;
  • 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, ATC spindle, rotary axis, and cutting saw options are available;
  • Function and table formats are customizable;
  • Simple operation and programming
  • Cost-effective solutions for high-quality and intricate wood furniture parts and model carving
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More about ATC 4 axis CNC

4 Axis Spindle of 4 axis cnc router

4 Axis Head, Better Precise Shaping

  • 4 axis head is one of the main motion parts of 4 axis cnc router, it expands the machining ability of cnc;
  • 4 axis head swings from -90 degree to +90 degrees, with cycloidal pin wheel precision reducer;
  • It has a compact structure, performs high transmission accuracy and torsional stiffness;
  • Fan-air-cooling and water-cooling are available;
  • Being suitable for soft material fabrication, such as drilling, milling and cutting of wood, acrylic, copper, aluminum, foam, etc.;
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ATC System, Brings Labor Freedom

  • ATC system brings hands freedom for 4 axis cnc router operation;
  • Linear / Carousel tool changer can manage 8/12/16/24 pieces tools;
  • A video of linear automatic tool changer and automatic tool sensor calibration for your reference;
  • Global brand HSK tool holder with collets, ISO30, ER32 collet: φ4, φ6, 1/8, 1/2;
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4 Axis CNC Routers Applications

Videos of 4 Axis CNC Routers

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Items Details
Working table Respect to your projects
Work table type Aluminum T-slot & vacuum work table
Z axis travel 400mm, option: 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, etc.
Tool magazine Carousel type auto tool changer
Option: linear type auto tool changer
Driving system Servo driver and servo motor
Linear guide Taiwan Linear guide
Transmission X, Y axis: Helical rack and pinion
Z axis: ball screw
Lubrication system automatic lubrication system
Tool calibration Automatic tool sensor calibration
Compatible software Powermill, UG, Alphacam, Fusion 360, etc.
Command language G Code
Working accuracy ±0.03mm

Optional Items:

Vacuum pump Tongyou, Taiwan Eurovac, Germany Becker
Dust collect system Including dust hood, pipe, all full set
Air compressor Piston air compressor, screw air compressor
Protection device Light curtain
Spindle type 9kw / 12kw atc spindle, etc.
Rotary device Industrial-grade support of rotary device


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Otomic CNC is a brand of stone work machinery and wood eps 3D parts carving machinery, all machines are made by Blue Elephant CNC, a well-established manufacturer of cnc with more than 13 years’ experience in woodworking, stone working, metal working.

We have technical expertise to achieve fast and smooth cutting and processing, making machines more efficient.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable supplier for cnc - cnc bridge saw, 5 axis cnc router, 4 axis cnc router, eps 3D model carving cnc router, stone carving & engraving cnc router, Otomic & Elephant CNC would be a suitable option with its advanced features, technical expertise, and experience in the industry.

Feel free to contact us, getting more information or instant quotation if there is any need.


What is your delivery time?
Our average delivery time is 30 - 60 working days. However, we can finish machines at a shorter time if possible. If you want to receive machinery in a shorter time, please inform us before placing order, we will calculate the possibility and give you a shortest time.

Which port do you ship from?
Our machines are made in Jinan city and then transported to Qingdao Port.
We will ship our machines from Qingdao Port, China.

Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a manufacturer, have a 100% self-owned factory in Jinan city, with more than 200 employees. We are in this field for more than a decade, Both Blue Elephant CNC and Otomic CNC are our brands.

What is your policy if i need samples made by your machine?
There are many clients asking for samples, but videos is an good altertive.

If you need samples, our policy is: we offer small samples for free, you paying for the delivery cost. We will refund the courier fees once you place an order. It usually takes 1-3 days for small sample delivery to most countries.

How can I ensure the quality of your machines?
We will send you pictures for your reference. And you, or a friend, or third-party QC agent can also come to our factory for a real on site inspection.

The best way to ensure machine quality is choose a reliable manufacturer, where quality parts are opted, high quality assembly process & strict inspects are required in every steps. 

Recent Reviews

"Otomic's 4 axis CNC router is great for carving wood models. It's really good at making small details and I think it's a great machine."


"I use Otomic's 4 axis CNC router for making prototypes out of wood. It's very easy to use and it's very accurate."


"If you're an artist who makes wooden sculpture portraits, Otomic's 4 axis CNC router is a great tool to have. It makes it easy to create really detailed portraits."


"I use Otomic's 4 axis CNC router to create designs for wooden furniture. It's fast, reliable, and it makes really high-quality results."


"If you make wooden products for a living, Otomic's 4 axis CNC router is worth the investment. It's really precise, and it makes it easy to make a lot of products without sacrificing quality."


"I think Otomic's 4 axis CNC router is the best machine I've ever used. It's really easy to use, and it's really fast. Plus, their customer service is great."


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Blue Elephant Cnc Factory View
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Quality Control & Testing

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