ATC 5 Axis Wood CNC Machine with Carousel Tool Changer

Experience the efficiency and precision of our ATC 5 Axis Wood CNC Machine with Carousel Tool Changer. it is an ideal option for industries that need carve or sculpt 3D models or foam props.

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  • Superior Construction: The ATC 5 Axis Wood CNC Machine has a one-piece casting that offers great stability, rigidity, and accuracy in machining. This makes it a reliable and user-friendly machine that operates smoothly.
  • Convenient and Powerful: The ATC 5 Axis Wood CNC Machine is easy to use and has strong capabilities. It can process multiple surfaces of a workpiece at the same time, which helps to make processing faster.
  • Enhanced Precision: This machine makes it easier to do five-sided machining by reducing the number of clamping needed. It saves time and guarantees consistent precision.
  • Side Edge Efficiency: Adding a side edge helps the machine work better and faster.
  • Durable and Reliable: We use high-quality parts to build this machine so it lasts longer and is stronger. It is made to work for a longer time.
  • Streamlined Production: This machine makes work faster by simplifying production and management.

Applicable industry

  • Composite Material Industry: This machine can fabricate different materials like plastic and glass fiber.
  • Model or Prop Industry: It is ideal for creating wooden models, resin products, clay models, and various non-metallic models.
  • Furniture Industry: The machine excels in producing solid wood furniture, tenon pieces, stair elbows, and other woodworking applications in the furniture sector.


Name Description
working area 2400*1200*1000
Tool magazine Carousel tool change
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3P
Control system Taiwan SYNTEC controller
Spindle 10KW SACCARDO 5 axis spindle
Inverter 15KW Delta inverter
Servo motor 1.3KW YASKAWA servo
Linear guide PMI#35 for Y axis, PMI#30 for X and Z axis,


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