Automatic Bridge Stone Saw Marble Cutting Machine for Tile Cutting

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Description of Auto Marble Cutting Machine:

The Automatic Marble Cutting Machine is a multifunctional marvel, seamlessly integrating various capabilities into one efficient unit. This cutting-edge machine is a fusion of stacking and storage, automatic feeding and labeling systems, and a powerful 4-axis / 5-axis CNC bridge saw machine. Its applications range from marble slab cutting to precision marble tile crafting.

Features of Auto Marble Cutting Machine:

Versatile Functionality: This machine offers a versatile solution for a range of marble processing tasks. Whether it’s cutting marble slabs or crafting intricate marble tiles, its functionality is adaptable.

Efficient Stacking & Storage: The integrated stacking and storage system ensures a smooth flow of raw material, optimizing production efficiency.

Precision CNC Bridge Saw: The 4-axis and 5-axis CNC bridge saw offers remarkable precision, capable of intricate cuts, shapes, and angles.

Auto Feeding & Labeling: Automatic feeding and labeling reduce manual labor, further enhancing efficiency.

Streamlined Operations: The seamless combination of these systems streamlines the entire marble cutting process, making it both efficient and productive.

Applications of Auto Marble Cutting Machine:

Marble Slab Cutting: The machine excels in cutting marble slabs, ensuring precision and consistency.

Marble Tile Crafting: It’s equally adept at crafting intricate marble tiles, whether for artistic projects or large-scale flooring applications.

Efficient Streamlining: Ideal for businesses that prioritize efficiency and automation in their marble processing operations.

In conclusion, this Marble Cutting Machine is a technological marvel, serving a variety of applications with its impressive features and streamlined operations, making it an asset for marble-related businesses.

Parameters of QX3400-5X-LP Stone Saw Marble Cutting Machine for Tile Slab Cutting Production Line:

5 Aixs CNC Bridge Saw Machine

Working travel X, Y, and Z: 3400*1600*250mm
C axis: ±365°
A axis: 0-90° (Auto)
Maximum thickness 80mm
Moving speed 25m/min
Spindle 22kw air cooling spindle, 4000rpm
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Worktable (optional) Type: Stick/Belt
Max. weight for feeding: 1500kg
Max. speed for feeding: 10m/min
Saw Dimension: 300mm – 450mm
Size 6000×3500×3600mm

Auto Loader

Working travel X, Y, and Z: 3500*4000*1000mm
A axis: 0-90°
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Moving speed 25m/min
Max suction size 3200×1200mm
Min suction size 300×150mm
Power 8kw
Weight 2500Kg
Machine size 4500×5000×3000mm


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