ATC 5 Axis CNC Router Center for Woodworking Marine Yacht Boat Mold Making Hull Plug CNC Cut

Heavy duty 5 axis cnc router machine for woodworking, mold working, marine boat building, boat mold, boat plug, hull mold, hull plug cnc cut, it equips atc system making it possible for long time working with auto changing tools according your settings in programs;

Length & height are customizable subject to your project’s requirements.

* Contact us for latest price for customized machine according to your project's requirements of table formats, functions, etc.
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  • Heavy-duty construction: The ATC 5 Axis CNC Router machine is designed with a robust and durable structure to handle the demands of marine boat building materials, boat mold materials effectively.
  • 5-axis capability: The machine offers 5-axis functionality, enabling intricate and complex marine boat yatcht mold fabrication with high precision.
  • ATC system (Automatic Tool Changer): for continuous operation by automatically changing tools based on the settings programmed in the software.
  • Long-term operation, Spacious working area, High precision carving;
  • Stable and reliable operation, Versatile material compatibility, Efficient tool calibration;
  • Applications: Boat works, boat building, boat mold carving, hull plug cnc cut, deck cnc cut, other woodworking, etc.



Control system Syntec 610MA-E5
Tool magazine Carousel type
Spindle type DMASS spindle
Drilling bank 5+4 vertical drills
Tool holder Collet HSK tool holder
Driving moter Servo motor
Reducer Japan SHIMPO reducer
Positioning cylinder 5 pieces (X2,Y3)
Linear guide #35 Linear guide with dustproof
Lubrication system Semi-auto
Tool calibration Automatic
Cables Germany brand


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