Economical 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw, Stone Cutting & Edge Profiling / Beveling Machine Large Format Automatic

Working table size: To yours projects
Functions: Cutting, edge profiling, drilling, engraving, Camera, etc.
Materials: Nature stone, granite, marble, engineer stone, etc.

Saw dimension: 450mm
Bevel cutting: 0-90 degrees
Curved cutting: yes
Miter cutting: any degree
Max. stone cutting: 2800*1200*100mm

Turning angle: 0-80°
Max. weight for turning: 800kg


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  • CNC Bridge saw is a really cool tool that can help cut stone with precision and efficiency.
  • The RV reducer used in the bridge saw helps make sure the cuts are super accurate.
  • The suction cup and CAM software make it really easy to move the stone around and avoid wasting material.
  • The bridge cutting head and rotating bracket also keep everything really steady, so the cuts are always perfect.
  • This machine can be used on all kinds of stone materials, like granite and marble!


ES5-3220 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw
Working travel X, Y, and Z 3200*2000*400mm
C axis ±360°
A axis 0-90°
Moving speed Xaxis 30m/min
Yaxis 30m/min
Zaxis 15m/min
Servo motor Xand Y 1300W absolute servo motor
Zaxis 1300W absolute servo motor with brake
A and C 1000W absolute servo motor
Guide rail X, Y, and Z: # 30
Rack X、Y 2MT-WIN
Worktable Structure Square timber
Worktable size 3200×2000mm
Turning angle 0-80°
Max. weight for turning 800KG
Saw Dimension 450mm
Max. cutting thickness 100mm
Ball screw Z 3210PREYP
Reducer X/Y: Japan SHIMPO
Saw motor 11KW motor, rated: 3000r/min
Inverter 15KW BRICH
Control system Blue Elephant customized system (built-in CAM software)
Low-voltage electronics French SCHNEIDER
Working air pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
Overall dimension 5.85×4.5×3.3m
Weight 5.5ton
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